About me

 I am an Accredited senior coach IAPC&M
Member of Schools Well-being Alliance and Master Trainer for "The Other Subject" https://theothersubject.com/pages/about-us  
Mentor coach and supervisor for the NMC Child and Adolescent Coaching Programme

I have spent the last 28 years helping groups and individuals to reconnect with what is important to them, inspiring them to move forward on their paths of self discovery, encouraging them to have confidence in who they are and courage to be who they want to be. I empower groups and individuals to live, think and work creatively and collaboratively for the 21st century.

I am the permanant wellbeing mentor (life coach) at the King's School in Gloucester and work with pupils of all ages and the staff to inspire positive change and self belief. 

I also work at a local prep school as child and adolescent coach.

In 2015 I founded and ran a small local charity for bereaved individuals and families using nature as therapy for grief, getting people of all ages gardening and being creative together. After three years Ronan's Trust had initiated active bereavement gardening groups and inspired many other charities to think differently about working with those experiencing bereavement. Ronan's Trust closed, proud to be leaving a continuing legacy.

I trained and worked an early years teacher and when I had my own children developed a series of wellbeing courses, initially for parents. These developed into wellbeing courses for women and  I then developed a creative education programme for schools and facilitated inset day sessions for teachers.

For each of us “success” will mean something different, for some being weathly may be a sign of success, for others a fulfilling job or happy family life; essentially success is whatever makes you feel good. Success is not something you attain when you reach the top of the mountain, it is something you carry with you, a pair of glasses you put on to view the world and yourself.  

I will endeavour to help you to be “successful”, to make the positive changes you want to make in order to create the balanced life you choose, prioritising what is important for you and those around you. I have a gentle approach that provokes thought and encourages you to think “out of the box” and to look at which glasses you are wearing!

I am based in Gloucestershire