It is an enormous privilege to be invited to listen as a client shares with me their life journey.

As a coach I want to understand what it is that my client wants to achieve, where they want to make changes in their lives and when they want to have done that by.

Sometimes clients are not quite sure why they have come, they just know that something has to change and that they are not “happy” as they are.

It is strange how often the sun shines after a long grey day of showers. The sun always makes life feel better, our problems that can seem insurmountable at other times, seem somehow to be managable when the sun shines.

April brings the hope of spring with summer just round the corner. We can feel empowered to make things happen.

As the green shoots of new life emerge from the sodden soil we find we have more energy and vigor to embrace life.

It has long been a tradition in western culture to make a new year's resolution. Taking a vow to do something better or change some aspect of our lives or ourselves has roots in many ancient religious cultures, from the Babylonians and Romans who made promises to their Gods at the start of each new year. For the Babylonians the New Year began in March following the vernal equinox. For cultures around the world New Year means a time for a fresh start, an opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate your vaules and your visions and set new goals to enable you to acheive your vision.

It is important that we believe in ourselves and the vast capacities that we as human beings have. However it is also important that we nurture ourselves too. We live in a world that has high expectations of productivity to deliver material gain, we have somehow grown to believe that if we do not work 24/7 and be the best in everything on offer we have failed. 

Our children are driven to achieve and get to the top in academia, sports, drama, music. They are expected to do it all and we expect that of ourselves too. 

We spend so much of our lives trying to do the right thing, to fit in, to please those around us.

In order to live in harmony with one another we need to listen to each others needs and desires, to respect the opinions of others and to endevour to walk alongside the lives of our fellow human beings in a way that allows communication, peaceful interaction and joyful living. However it is important that we remember to  respect ourselves too, to listen to our needs and desires and to facilitate a life that will also bring us peaceful interaction and joyful living.