The Challenge of Change

To create lasting change in our lives,we have to be willing to take the steps to make the change. It is easy to see others living the life we think we want then to spend years telling everyone what we desire, minding that it hasn't happened yet. We can wish we were different, looked different, behaved differently, were more like so and so. It is only when we recognise that in order to achieve our desire we have to take action, that the changes we desire can really take place.This action might mean pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone, however if it is truely what we want somwhere that step will feel exhilarating.

It is only by committing to the changes we want to see in ourselves and in our lives that we will have the courage to take the steps, even though we might fail along the way.

Watch the small child pull themselves up and tentatively take thier first steps, then fall down, then get up and try again until they suceed. some take it slowly, others get up and go but they all achieve their aim.

We have all been there, we can have the courage to let go and to take that first step to "be the change we want to see".