What is stillness? It can mean different things for different people, to some it is a meditive space in complete silence, For others stillness is found amid outer chaos, or found through walking in nature and whilst taking a bath. Stillness is a place that allows us to listen to that inner voice, the voice that quietly provides the answers to so many of our questions, if only we had the time and courage to listen.

Stillness in our busy world can be hard to find, we have so many demands on our time. When there is a moment of calm, we can feel "bored" and search for ways to occupy that space before that little voice has time to even whisper.

Take just ten minutes out of the day to be still, to take the time to dream, to appreciate the song of the birds announcing that despite the rain spring is round the corner. Listen to that quiet voice encouraging you to be who you are, after all, as Oscar Wilde says, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken."