Happy New Year

It has long been a tradition in western culture to make a new year's resolution. Taking a vow to do something better or change some aspect of our lives or ourselves has roots in many ancient religious cultures, from the Babylonians and Romans who made promises to their Gods at the start of each new year. For the Babylonians the New Year began in March following the vernal equinox. For cultures around the world New Year means a time for a fresh start, an opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate your vaules and your visions and set new goals to enable you to acheive your vision.

Our New Year's resolutions often fail because we set unrealistic goals. Our goals need to be challenging enough to stretch us but realistic enough for us to be able to acheive them, by acheiving one we are then able to set another and move ourselves forward step by step. 

Our resolutions tend to be about ways we use our time, our health, our relationships, our work and our finances. For many of us our good intentions fall by the wayside as early as mid-January.

Take time a the start of 2016 to decide what goals you want to set for yourself, Look at what the highest aim would be and then make a plan of the steps to achieving that goal. When do you want to have reached your goal? Check with yourself if that is a realistic expectation. Then break the journey down, what is the first step? When do you want to have achieved that first step by? Who or what do you need to help you to acheive it? When can you take the step? When you have your plan, take action, be proud of each step you take and not afraid to change your goal if the journey demands it.

Above all enjoy the journey. 

All too often we believe that it is the destination that is the prize, we forget that it is the journey to the destination that is the key that opens the door that reveals the prize.