It is an enormous privilege to be invited to listen as a client shares with me their life journey.

As a coach I want to understand what it is that my client wants to achieve, where they want to make changes in their lives and when they want to have done that by.

Sometimes clients are not quite sure why they have come, they just know that something has to change and that they are not “happy” as they are.

What inspires me most is being witness to that unfolding journey which never fails to reach a destination that brings contentment, satisfaction and a new relationship with the self.

As a life coach I feel I hold in my hands the lantern that illuminates the paths ahead - the lantern of course reveals some shadows. My role is to support the client in meeting the shadows and negotiating the obstacles, enabling them to find the tools to take the steps along the path. Which path they take is, of course, their choosing.

People seek life coaching for a number of reasons, but I often find that it is our inability to value ourselves that prevents us from taking the necessary steps that will create the change we desire.

Our world is one that demands and we demand a lot from each other and ourselves. Our most precious resource is that of time and we find that our bank of time is increasingly overdrawn. We are constantly running, trying to achieve everything that we desire but often just scattering our energy, therefore not being able to focus and create the results we seek.

When we make time to look at what it is we want to achieve and make spaces to take action and most importantly spaces for the stillness that has to come before the action can take place, then great things can happen.

An employee who longs to fulfil their creativity gains the courage to take the necessary steps to start their own business.

Confident women who have lost their sense of self and direction find their individual keys to reconnect with who they are. This loss of confidence can come for example, when children take their first steps into schooling or when they leave home and the role of motherhood changes again.

The dance of time, balancing multiply roles, striving to meet the ever increasing demands of ourselves and those around us can all lead to a loss of confidence, overwhelm, stress and a loss of connection.

On my journey as a life coach I have been part of the lives of many people and have been filled with admiration for the wonderful people I work with and the amazing capacity of human beings to have the courage to walk the path of their choosing and to find their inner strength, the tools that are theirs to find a way through and most of all, that when we truly know that we can create the lives we desire and then let go and trust the process, magic happens.

 “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Attributed to Goethe.