As a Life Coach I occasionally "challenge" a client by asing them to reflect on something more deeply or take the steps they are speaking about, or do what is necessary to take care of themselves. Every challenge is individual and reflects each client's journey. However I never "challenge" a client without first asking their permission to do so, and that is only after discussing what "challenge" is with them in our first meeting. I am only able to suggest this "challenge" if I have truely listened to what the client is saying and have really understood them.

To create lasting change in our lives,we have to be willing to take the steps to make the change. It is easy to see others living the life we think we want then to spend years telling everyone what we desire, minding that it hasn't happened yet. We can wish we were different, looked different, behaved differently, were more like so and so.

What is stillness? It can mean different things for different people, to some it is a meditive space in complete silence, For others stillness is found amid outer chaos, or found through walking in nature and whilst taking a bath. Stillness is a place that allows us to listen to that inner voice, the voice that quietly provides the answers to so many of our questions, if only we had the time and courage to listen.

If someone you know has been bereaved, don't ask them if they are ok.

Don't expect them to “Have got over it” in a year, 18 months, or even two years or more. You learn to live with your new situation and you never “get over it”

Do laugh with them and most importantly speak about the person they have lost, share your memories, or invite them to share theirs.

Never say to a mother who lost her baby, “Oh well you can try again”

Now what?

January is marching on and those New Year's resolutions made with such intention have fallen by the wayside. When we make a new year resolution it comes from a desire to improve life for the coming year.  we make a promise to ourselves that we will achieve a certain goal, develop a new habit or give up a bad one. January is named after the Roman God Janus and it was believed that this God of two faces could look back on the old  year and forgive wrong doing and look forward to the new year, so promises were made for the new year to bring good fortune.