Life Coaching


Co-Active Life Coaching is essentially a conversation between two people that creates a powerful process of change that will enable you to find clarity and direction and ultimately find fulfilment in life and yourself.

My role as your coach is to empower you to create the life you want, and to successfully take each step towards achieving your dreams, however big or small those dreams may be.

As your coach I help you to look at your situation with new eyes, to expand your perception and sense of what is possible and to learn to listen to yourself and have the courage you need to take the steps you choose.

 Coaching will help you to:

  • Improve your self confidence and raise your self esteem  
  • Relieve stress  
  • Be motivated  
  • Achieve your goals  
  • Find the direction that is right for you 
  • Give you clarity and focus 
  • Recognise your inner strengths 
  • Discover your core values and change your life.

I specialise in coaching those who are at transition points in their lives and are looking to improve their self esteem, confidence and motivation.

I have particular expertise in coaching parents through points of change and challenge

  • When your child first goes to school 
  • Supporting them through school 
  • Taking your first steps when they go to university or leave home 
  • Learning to live togther again if they need to return home for awhile.


I have a background in self-development and I also offer support for those ready to take their next steps following a bereavement.

This is a journey of discovery, of recognising your potential and acknowledging your strengths, realising you have all the answers you need to achieve your goals.

Life Coaching is a solution-based approach to personal development helping you to make lasting changes in your life




I work with children and young people of all ages on a one to one basis creating a space where the child feels heard and safe to speak. 

I offer tools to:

  • boost self - esteem
  • build resilliance
  • learn to trust
  • manage overwhelming emotions
  • learn to set goals and achieve them

Sessions with children are on a face to face basis with parents in the next room. Sessions last for 40 mins and cost £40 per session plus travel costs at 45p per mile if required to travel


Charges. (Investment!)

The first 30 minute (skype or telephone) introductory session is free to enable you to talk about your current situation and for us to get to know each other and for you to understand how I work. 

Your investment after that will be designed around your needs.

I charge £60 for a 45 min session (first session typically last an hour) with the option of a block of 6 sessions for £330 (save £30) paid in advance. Typically coaching is booked in blocks as an on going service.

I am available for skype and telephone consultations and in person in Gloucestershire. I ma based between CIrencester and Stroud

Please book through my website