Parent and Family Coaching

Being a parent is the most wonderful and the most challenging journey you will embark on.
There are times when we feel overwhelmed and struggle to find solutions to our and our child's needs.
I offer Parent Coaching both as one to one sessions and as a group workshop.

The individual sessions allow you to discuss openly and honestly your joys, fears, questions and challenges. Through the coaching process and my experience, understanding and knowledge of childhood you will discover practical solutions to the challenges facing both you and your child/ren and the courage to be the parent you want to be.

I also work with children (from 7 yrs) and teenagers on and one to one basis 

I offer tools to:

  • improve self - esteem
  • build resilience
  • learn to trust
  • manage overwhelming emotions
  • learn to set goals and achieve them
  • deal with sleep issues
  • resolve friendship issues 
  • manage anger, anxiety, overwhelm and self doubt


Charges. (Investment!)

I offer a free initial phone conversation for us to get to know each other.

Sessions with children are on a face to face basis with parents nearby. Sessions last for 40 to 60mins

For Parent Coaching I charge £75 per session (sessions typically last an hour) with the option of a block of 6 sessions for £420 paid in advance. Typically coaching is booked in blocks as an on going service.

I am available for skype and telephone consultations and in person in Gloucestershire. I am based between CIrencester and Stroud

Please book through my website





 A series of creative parenting workshops to support you in your journey

  • Growing With your Child - What will best support my child at this time in thier life?
  • Creativity and the growing child - How important is play and creativity for my child?
  • How do I manage challenging situations?
  • What tools do I need to create a positive relationship with my child?
  • Who am I? What are my needs as a parent?

“Emma’s knowledge and experience together with honest lively group sharing and discussion gave me new strength, inspiration and confidence as a parent” G.A.

“Emma is gentle, encouraging and respectful and has a deep understanding of child development on an emotional and spiritual level.” R.G.

“It has been a real treasure! I have looked forward to it impatiently. Really supportive, insightful, loving, thank you so much.” Sam

“Thank you I have loved the course and found the words inspiring and practical to apply. To my amazement my children have noticed a real difference in their more calming controlled Mother. The advice has proved to be very effective.” Saskia

"You are grounded, open, non-judgemental, funny and balanced, serious without taking things too seriously." Amma