"When I first met with Emma I was completely overwhelmed by all areas of my life.  I have never been at ease discussing personal issues, but Emma made this comfortable for me with her caring and calm approach.  She has supported me with the challenges I have faced, been non-judgemental, compassionate and firm when needed.  Emma has helped me on a journey, which although far from smooth, has enabled me to look at things differently and see that I do have options and choices.  She has encouraged me to have the confidence to take small steps to improve things for myself and to set small goals to achieve.  I never really believed that talking through things helps, but it does and Emma has helped to stop me ‘falling off the cliff’." 

"Thank you so much for all that you did and all that you taught me. I think you're a wonderful person and you really helped me and gave me confidence to move forward. You were the just the person I needed on many levels." K.S.

"Thank you so much for your help and guidance this past year. I shall miss our sessions but I am so pleased to feel confident enough to move forward armed with the skills you have equipped me with" C.M.

“I was feeling very stuck and at a low point when I decided to try life coaching with Emma.  I had 6 sessions and it changed more than I initially hoped for.  I was stuck at work and in my personal life, but after starting sessions with Emma I not only addressed these issues, but started going to the gym more often and socialising more.  Emma was supportive and cheered me on, but also made me confront what was holding me back and enabled me to brainstorm solutions to my problems. I applied for a promotion at work and joined a dating site, as well as getting my bathroom done, which I had been meaning to do for a long time.  I would highly recommend working with Emma – you don’t know what might happen!” S.K.

"I have been feeling reallly unfocussed recently but it really really helps speaking to you"

"I didn't think when I first came that I could feel so positive about it all"

"I find it so helpful speaking to you, it keeps me on track"

"Talking with you has given me the impetus I needed to make some changes and move forward....

meeting with you was incredibly helpful and I really valued your input and support."

Unsolicited comments from recent sessions

"My Life Coaching sessions with Emma Tyer empowered me to organise my time and achieve short and long term goals. I was the musician to Emma's conducting, keeping me in tune and in time with myself. The mark of a great coach/teacher is the ability to gently guide people toward the wellspring of resources that are present in each one of us. Thank you , Emma. I come away with a deep and quiet power."  - M.A. 

"I have had several life coaching sessions with Emma Tyer and have found them to be fantastic.  I really felt that Emma heard me, properly - really listened and helped me to see through situations that were confusing and stressful to me.  It was empowering to have Emma there to help me find my own answers with her skillful guidance.  I really don't think I would have got to those answers on my own - or not in any useful time frame! Emma is warm, kind and funny.  She is clever and clear too.  Her lack of judgement made it possible for me to say things which I may have kept to myself otherwise.   

 I would highly recommend Emma to anybody who needs help, support or to see the wood for the trees in their life - with big painful issues or small irritating ones."


 "With a knack of swiftly helping to identify areas of my life that I'd like to work on, Emma then very sensitively helped me to prioritise. Over the second and third sessions Emma's gentle energy guided me to find my own answers to the things I felt overwhelming. This clarity has allowed me to feel far more positively about myself and optimistic about my dreams."


"Before I began working with Emma, I had been feeling genuinely stuck and unhappy in a few areas of my life. The sessions with Emma provided a neutral reflective space where I was able to "think outside of the box" with far greater options than I had previously envisioned. By the third meeting, I had begun concrete steps towards the next phase of my life - in my case, this involved moving house and submitting an MA application. Emma's sensitive listening was instrumental in getting me there."


 “Having Emma as a life coach has been a great experience. Her calm and gentle manner has allowed me to work through my aims at my own pace; always encouraging and supportive, she helped me to achieve without making me feel pressured. One of the nicest feelings of all was to enter into a conversation with Emma, thinking I’d failed to achieve any of the goals I’d set, only to find that I had actually achieved quite a lot! A great boost! I’d recommend Emma to anyone looking to take control of even a small part of their lives.”