This seasonal coaching circle allows you to experience coaching in a group with an experienced accredited Life Coach and Group facilitator.

By understanding your core values and listening to yourself you can achieve your goals and take the steps you need to take to live the life you want and discover what you need to be "happy".

Through creative conversation and interactive excersises these workshops lead you on a journey to discover your potential and learn to live life joyfully and understand what you need to be "happy".

This is a course of 10 sessions once a month starting Thursdays September 15th 8pm - 9.30pm between Cirencester and Stroud

Limited places available.

Costs: £15 per session, payable in advance £150 (£130 to members of SBN)

Please contact me via the website.

"I have never experienced anything quite like this" S.M.

"I have learned to know myself and what I want from life so much better...." Sue

"..this has been my strength in a particularly challenging year. Learning more about mysellf and how to trust that the strength I needed was there all the time" Clare

"This group has given me courage and I come away knowing and loving myself more" O.A.



This is a fabulous 2 hour workshop for you and your friends run from your own home.

The workshops have a seasonal theme and through creative, interactive excersises and conversation with a skilled, experienced life coach you and your friends have the opportunity to create a life map and look at what is important for you to be you, and what your dreams are and what steps you can take to achieve them.

Invite your friends to join you for a well being day with a difference. Ideal for that special birthday or even a hen do.

They are fun and thought provoking.

Contact me for further info via the website.





 A series of 6  coaching workshops  in Gloucestershire offering inspiration, support and motivation to empower you to achieve your goals, to recognise your inner strengths and to take the steps you need to live the life you want

To increase your self esteem,

Value yourself and others

Balance all aspects of your life

Look at what is important for you to be you

Look at what's stopping you from moving forward



 A series of creative parenting workshops to support you in your journey

 What does my child need to grow well?

How important is play for my child?

How do I manage challenging situations?

What tools do I need to create a positive relationship with my child?

Who am I? What are my needs as a parent?


 Emma’s knowledge and experience together with honest lively group sharing and discussion gave me new strength, inspiration and confidence as a parent” G.A.

 Emma is gentle, encouraging and respectful and has a deep understanding of child development on an emotional and spiritual level.” R.G.

 “It has been a real treasure! I have looked forward to it impatiently. Really supportive, insightful, loving, thank you so much.” Sam

 “Thank you I have loved the course and found the words inspiring and practical to apply. To my amazement my children have noticed a real difference in their more calming controlled Mother. The advice has proved to be very effective.” Saskia

 "You are grounded, open, non-judgemental, funny and balanced, serious without taking things too seriously." Amma