We can all experience stress and imbalance in our lives and this in turn can impact how we approach our day and how we funtction.

In order for organisations to fuction at an optimal level, staff and collegues need to feel content, empowered and "happy".

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”  Gretchen Rubin 

 It is finding contentment and happiness in the small everyday tasks of life and work that allows us and those around us to flourish.

I offer group and individual life coaching sessions for your organisation and staff, that can be offered as part of your CPD programme. To increase motivation, confidence, self-esteem and happiness.

For those who want to do something a little bit different.

My group sessions involve discussion and creative activities, learning to apply simple, practical wellbeing tools to both work and home life.

Through the sessions you will:

  • Gain understanding of how your thoughts can impact your feelings and actions and how that effects your wellbeing, happiness and success in life. 
  • Discover your potential 
  • Understand how to move forward despite obstacles
  • Set inspiring personal and professional goals.
  • Create a plan of action 

I create tailormade sessions for your organisations' needs.