We can all experience stress and imbalance in our lives and this in turn can impact how we approach our day and how we function.

In order for schools to function at an optimal level, teachers, staff and children need to feel content, empowered and "happy".

Many teachers feel stressed and under pressure. They enjoy teaching but they state that their workload is their main concern effecting health and well being along with challenging behaviour.

Well-being Coaching can enable your staff to meet these challenges. 

I offer 1:1 coaching which allows teachers and staff to have a time for themselves in a safe space to explore their feelings with someone who is objective and who listens with non judgement. It allows the teacher to be totally honest, to be completely self-reflective and to talk through the pressures and challenges of both their work and private lives. As the Coach, my challenge is to build self-confidence so that the teacher feels enabled to address the challenges in a positive way through an action plan focused on three or four key goals which enable the teacher to feel empowered and to find positive ways to mange stressful situations.

 It is finding contentment and happiness in the small everyday tasks of life and work that allows us and those around us to flourish.

I also offer  a well-being coaching session that can be offered as part of your CPD programme. To increase motivation, confidence, self-esteem and happiness.

For those who want to do something a little bit different.

My group sessions involve discussion and creative activities, learning to apply simple, practical wellbeing tools to both work and home life.

Through the sessions you will:

  • Gain understanding of how your thoughts can impact your feelings and actions and how that effects your wellbeing, happiness and success in life. 
  • Discover your potential 
  • Understand how to move forward despite obstacles
  • Set inspiring personal and professional goals.
  • Create a plan of action 

I also offer Well-being sessions for children (individauls or small groups that are age appropriate and centre around developing self belief and self motivation, identifying obstacles and setting realistic achievable goals. 


"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to detach ourselves from the norm of an Inset Day.  It was not only fun but very thought-provoking. Thanks again for such a stimulating experience."
C.Dickie Head of Junior school
The King's School Gloucester



I work with pupils from primary to senior on a one to one basis creating a space where the child feels heard and safe to speak. 

I offer tools to:

-boost self - esteem

-build resilliance

-learn to trust

-manage overwhelming emotions

-learn to set goals and achieve them



I have 25 years experience in working with parents, teachers and young children. I offer a unique  5 session parenting programme "Parent Path" for schools, that offers parents the opportunity to ask questions, share their challenges and their successes, feel supported and listened to and more empowered in their role as a parent. When parents feel more confident and connected to their children the children feel calmer, benefit from higher self- esteem and become more motivated. These sessions cover the following topics and so much more!

What does my child need to grow well?
How important is play for my child?
How do I manage challenging situations?
What tools do I need to create a positive relationship with my child?
Who am I? What are my needs as a parent.

"Thank you very much for an inspiring course" Gill